Comprehensive Fit for Road, Track & MTB



The fit starts with a comprehensive physical assessment and interview then uses most of the fit tools we have in the studio in combination with our EYES. Motion capture, pressure mapping  technology from Gebiomized along with the latest in high-speed video technology. Designed to understand your abilities, experience, limitations and issues then adjust your bike to fit you, creating harmony of bike and rider.  


Suitable for any rider looking for an optimum, active riding position, from seasoned expert to mountain biker. It considers the unique connection between your body and bike.

The fit comprises some distinct steps:

  • Rider interview.
  • Comprehensive Physical and Flexibility Assessment
  • Your fitter will visually assess your position on the bike while you ride, and adjust accordingly in order to determine the best and most efficient ride position for you with the help of the RETUL and Gebiomized system tools.
  • A fit report will be supplied and after a week or so, the fitter will schedule a follow-up discussion to review adaptation to the new position and answer any questions or concerns.

Duration: 3.5 Hours

Cost: $450.00

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  • The Studio Sizing Fit is our most popular fit. It consists of a primarily analog fit session, meaning that it covers all the bases to ensure an ideal symbiosis between the body and bike.

    The Studio Fit is designed to position riders in a good balanced athletic posture based on their goals, to ensure efficient riding and injury prevention.

    The Studio Sizing Fit also aims to solve any fit problems and areas of discomfort, but does not delve into performance optimization.

    Duration: 1.5 Hour

    Cost: 250.00$

  • The Comprehensive Fit starts with a physical assessment and a short interview about the rider’s goals, apprehensions and needs, followed by a visual examination and another using the tools in the studio.

    Tools used include motion capture, pressure mapping technology from Gebiomized along with the latest in high-speed video technology. This fit is designed to understand your abilities, experience and limitations and adjust consequently to get the best comfortable and active riding position.

    Duration: 3.5 Hours

    Cost: 450.00$

  • Each adjustment in our fitting process aims to achieve a delicate equilibrium among event guidelines, rules, and conditions. This involves considering the lowest applicable Coefficient of Aerodynamic Drag (Cda), optimizing biomechanical positioning, and minimizing the metabolic effect. Our fitting protocol is meticulously crafted to enable athletes to maximize their performance by attaining a tailored aerodynamic advantage without compromising substantial power output, comfort, or adherence to UCI rules, all while minimizing the metabolic impact.

    This fit encompasses all points of contact, with a focus on enhancing performance and aerodynamics. The goal is to find the optimal balance point where the body achieves a compact, low profile that remains comfortable enough to sustain power throughout the event. The sustainability of this position for the duration of the event is paramount, ensuring that the benefits of the aerodynamic profile are not lost.

    With a proven track record, we have worked with numerous Olympic, World Championship, track pursuit, and Ironman athletes who can attest to the quality of our aero fitting services. For athletes planning to undergo an aero test in the velodrome, we recommend getting fitted at least three weeks in advance. This lead time allows for the development of a run plan and the assembly of necessary parts and equipment required for the test. It also provides the athlete with an opportunity to trial the new position and acclimate to it before hitting the velodrome boards. Our fitting service is suitable for any rider seeking marginal gains in power, aerodynamics, and stability, all within a balanced position. We take into account the unique connection between your body and bike, ensuring a tailored approach to maximize your cycling performance.

    Duration: 4 Hours

    Cost: 500.00$

  • The bike purchase positioning service consists of two sessions. The initial session, lasting 1.5 hours, involves establishing your optimal position using either your current bike or our adjustable bike.

    By the end of this session, we will have identified the ideal measurements for your new bike and can recommend the appropriate model and size for your purchase. The second session, lasting 1 hour, focuses on refining the position once your new bike has been built to specifications.

    Duration: 1.5 Hour + 1 Hour

    Cost: 325.00$

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