5 Christmas Gifts Ideas Under 50$ for Any Cyclists

| By Simone from Davélo
Discover the joy of giving with cyclist-specific gifts under $50 this Christmas. From a precision-designed cleaning brush set, ensuring a sparkling bike, to chamois cream providing comfort on rides, these thoughtful gifts cater to cyclists' unique needs!



Cleaning Brush Set

Price: 36.99 $ 

Brushes for bikes are specifically designed to address the unique challenges of cleaning a bicycle chain and drivetrain. These brushes, like this Muc-Off 3 Piece Brush Set often feature specialized bristle configurations, shapes, and sizes that efficiently remove dirt, grime, and debris from the chain and other intricate components. It makes an excellent gift as it promotes regular maintenance, enhancing the bike's performance and longevity. 


Chamois Cream 

Price: 30.00 $

Chafing and saddle sores are common problems for professional and amateur cyclists alike! Cyclists know that a gift like chamois cream, like the Assos Chamois Creme 200ml will never be wasted since we need to buy them on a regular basis!


Bike Water Bottles 

Price: 14.99 $ 

Water bottles make a nice gift as they are versatile and suitable for various activities, making them a universally appreciated and functional gift for individuals with active lifestyles.

And with the Davélo Bottles, mix and match any cap and bottle to create your own colorful combination (like green and red for a Christmas themed gift!). 



Chain Cleaning Kit  

Price: 49.99 $  

A bike chain cleaning kit is a practical and thoughtful gift that promotes bike longevity, performance, and the overall enjoyment of cycling. It aligns with the importance of regular maintenance in ensuring a smooth and efficient riding experience, which always makes a cool gift.

This Park Tool Chain Cleaning Set is what we recommend to get a shiny chain! 


Gift Cards 

Price: Any price you want!

A gift card is a thoughtful and versatile gift that allows the recipient the freedom to choose something they truly desire. It reflects consideration for their individual preferences and ensures they get precisely what they want or need. And that’s good news since we've got the new Davélo Gift Card,  just in time for the holidays! 


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